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GEM•IN•I Started out as a Pop-up restaurant at OIA Resort. it aims to serve you a unique dining experience from the atmosphere to the sensational flavor of both cuisines. In a duration of three weeks GEM•IN•I was born and introduced to the city of Jeddah, where it became one of the most highly visited places in Jeddah.

Innovative Idea

Our innovative team created contemporary dishes using modern techniques and only the finest quality ingredients. Guests experience modern services carried by a team of professionals dedicated to provide top quality hospitality standards.

The making of GEM•IN•I Restaurant and Lounge.

GEM•IN•I, OIA Beach and Resort

GEM•IN•I - Philosophy

GEM•IN•I introduces the guest to a new dimension of flavors throughout its unique duplication of both Italian and Japanese cuisines. Leaving the guest with an exceptional experience and an outstanding lounge atmosphere.

  • GEM•IN•I: 2020, Jeddah - SA
  • Brand of: Zodiac Group
  • GEM•IN•I: 2020 - 2021, Participate in OIA Beach and Resort
  • Speciality: Italian and Japanese Cuisine
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GEM•IN•I When Art meets Passion!

For the first time in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, A new born concept GEM•IN•I Restaurant and Lounge is takes place in the OIA Beach and Resort to pamper your senses with a combination of Italian and Japanese cuisine..