After its debut at OIA Beach in Jeddah, GEM•IN•I was officially opened in Riyadh under The Groves - Riyadh Season 2021.
GEM•IN•I serves its guests Italian and Japanese cuisines in a sophisticated ambiance. The concept was created and became the talk of the town since the launch.

Our Concept

GEM•IN•I was inspired by a phenomenal painting that represented the duality of human nature.
The name “Gem-in-i” was chosen to represent this concept. The logo aptly breaks down the name to represent the “Gem that lays inside you” and the star sign “Gemini”. The flower, lilly of the valley, blooms in the same month as the star sign, May & June.

Our Philosophy

GEM•IN•I philosophy is to introduce a new dimension of flavors by combining Italian and Japanese cuisines in an exquisite ambiance.
GEM•IN•I - Jeddah - OIA Beach 2021

The making of GEM•IN•I Restaurant and Lounge.

GEM•IN•I, OIA Beach and Resort

When Art meets Passion!

For the first time in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, A new born concept GEM•IN•I Restaurant and Lounge is takes place in the OIA Beach and Resort to pamper your senses with a combination of Italian and Japanese cuisine..

GEM•IN•I - Experience

From the atmosphere to the sensational flavors of Italian & Japanese cuisines, GEM•IN•I offers its guests a unique dining & lounge experience

  • GEM•IN•I: 2020 - 2021, Participate in OIA Beach and Resort
  • GEM•IN•I: The Groves - Riyadh Season 2021-22
  • Brand of: Siham International Trading Co.
  • Cuisines: Italian and Japanese Cuisine
  • Speciality: Hospitality and Food & Beverages
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