Our Concept

Al Jalsa was created by providing our highly in-demand menu of Kooz Karak, in a luxe-landscape outdoor setting.
Our goal is to provide a classic experience under natural palm trees where guests and their loved ones can enjoy karak, warm drinks and finger food.

Connect with nature, friends and family

AL Jalsa, The Groves - Riyadh Season 2021

Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is to connect our guests with nature while savoring delicious cultural food and creating a memorable social experience with their near and dear ones.

AL Jalsa - Experience

Al Jalsa is designed to provide our guests a social experience surrounded by landscape views, palm trees and delicious cultural food.

  • ZodiaC Cuisine 2021- 2022, Participate in Riyadh Season
  • Brand of: Siham International Trading Co.
  • Location RUH BLVD, Riyadh - SA
  • Speciality: Hospitality and Food & Beverages
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