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Zodiac Garden

Zodiac Garden was founded as a new concept of Zodiac Cuisine in 2019.

Zodiac Garden - Jeddah Season

Participating in Jeddah Season 2019. It was one of the few local restaurants competing with international restaurant. The location was built in only 12 days in Obhur Area, with a breathtaking view over the Red Sea. Zodiac Garden restaurant has designed a new dining experience for the guests offering them a wide selection of salads and appetizers including innovative main courses and desserts.

  • We aspire to provide highest quality services by a team of experts.
  • We specialize in Fine Dining Restaurants, Catering and Branding.
  • We focus on creating local restaurants following International standards.”

Unforgettable dining experience at Zodiac Garden, with magical views over the Red Sea.

Zodiac Garden, Jeddah Season
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Zodiac Garden - Riyadh Season

Following the success of Jeddah Season, Zodiac Garden also participated in Riyadh Season 2019 in one of the most highly visited zones known as the Riyadh Boulevard. During peak times the Riyadh Boulevard could accommodate up to 400,000 visitors a day. As the only Saudi brand restaurant in the area, Zodiac Garden was a guest favorite for those wanting a magnificent view over the dancing fountain while they dine in sophistication and beauty. With its prime location in the Riyadh Boulevard, Zodiac Garden is unique in its refined style and diverse menu featuring upscale European cuisine such as authentic Greek dishes, distinctive Italian dishes along with Japanese cuisines. The exceptional culinary experience of eating your favorite dishes in Zodiac Garden is a mixture of hospitality that surrounds you, the service that is provided by a team of professionals, and the quality of food and drinks created by expert chefs in an extraordinary atmosphere all creating an unforgettable experience.

Planning, followed by designing & execution. Our core values allow us to innovate & push forward. Our Participation during Riyadh Season.

Zodiac Garden, Riyadh Season

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