ZodiaC Cuisine

Founded in 2009 & registered in UK, ZodiaC Cuisine was one of the first fine dining restaurants of Jeddah, SA.
Since then, this award winning restaurant gained honors & recognition for its attention to detail and exceptional service.

Our Concept

ZodiaC Cuisine is based on the concept of stars, constellations and the magical aura they bring together. ZodiaC Cuisine, in all its glory, is a dreamy fine dining destination with an outer world experience.

Our Philosophy

In the magical world of ZodiaC Cuisine, everything revolves around the guests. Our experience is personalized to every guests’ desire.
A few instances of how ZodiaC Cuisine personalized experience includes creating drinks to match 12 zodiac personalities, engineering menu based on zodiac signs, and hosting private anniversary & birthday celebrations.

Zodiac Cuisine - Experience

ZodiaC Cuisine is designed to take our guests on an outer world fine dining experience by seamlessly integrating the zodiac concept in their journey.

As the guests walk into ZodiaC Cuisine, they see our space adorned with zodiac signs, stars, and art that paints a dreamy ambiance. Our menu, hospitality and guest engagement capture the essence of Zodiac.

  • Date Opened: 2009, Jeddah
  • Tagline: We Feed Your Senses
  • Staff: International Professionals
  • Speciality: International Cuisine
  • Experience: 14 Years
  • Awarded: 2016 and 2017, by Jeddah Municipality
  • Location: Al Hamra - Falasteen st, Jeddah - SA
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