Our Concept

The Groves pizzeria was built to bring authentic flavors of Italy to our diners in Riyadh.
At the heart of The Groves Pizzeria is the traditional brick-oven where the magic is made by our Italian chefs. Guests enjoy these authentic flavors in a semi-outdoor setting adorned with elements that represent the italian cuisines.

Love at first slice

The Groves Pizzeria, The Groves - Riyadh Season 2022

The Groves Pizzeria - Experience

An authentic Italian dining experience coupled with entertainment in an outdoor setting in the heart of a natural garden. The Groves Pizzeria is bound to mesmerize you at first sight.

  • The Groves Pizzeria: The Groves - Riyadh Season 2022-23
  • Brand of: Siham International Trading Co.
  • Location The Groves, Al Khuzama Park, Riyadh - SA
  • Cuisines: Authentic Italian Cuisine
  • Speciality: Food & Beverages, Hospitality and Entertainment
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