Catering - Siham International Trading co.


Catering Philosophy

We aim at Sihamco to cater to clients’ every need and taste. Throughout our 10 years of experience we have ensured the finest quality cuisine to please palates, and we are constantly committed to delivering unique food and beverage. We prepare great experiences whither its social, corporate, weddings or regal banquets. We are dedicated to creating exceptional, fond memories and serving quality, creativity and extraordinary care to every guest, at all events.

Catering Service

We offer our clients a full range of catering services from classic to contemporary menus.
We’ve grown to serve every catering event, offering consistent quality and flexible options with unique flair. Every event is as special to our team as it is to our clients with perfect execution, making each one truly extraordinary.


Regal Banquets

Private Events

Corporate Catering

Custom catering event for G20 delegation during Riyadh Season.

Zodiac Garden, Riyadh Season