Our Concept

The Polar Ice Bar was inspired by the North Pole. From the electric blue colors, to our mascot, polar bear, and the interiors give a glimpse of the north pole.

The first ice bar experience in Saudi Arabia

The Polar Ice Bar, The Groves - Riyadh Season 2022 - 23

The Polar Ice Bar - Experience

This is the first ice bar experience in Saudi Arabia! With temperatures maintained at -8C at all times, the guests are welcomed with warm jackets and complimentary drinks served in shot size ice glass. The Polar Ice Bar also features a contemporary drinks menu, music by live DJ and performers.

  • The Polar Ice Bar 2022- 2023, Participate in Riyadh Season
  • Brand of: Siham International Trading Co.
  • Location The Groves - Al Khuzama park
  • Speciality: -8 degree ice bar
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