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Welcome to Siham International Trading Co.

Mrs. Siham A. Hassanain is the president and founder of Siham International Trading Company.
Her vision, commitment and hands-on management style are the foundation of the company success and development.

”What defines success in hospitality industry is attention to details. For that we strive and that we deliver!”

We are an operator and investor in the hospitality industry since 2008, determined to create international Saudi brands with the highest standards.

At Siham International,

These Core Values define who we are and form our service culture:

Customer Focus:

To create valuable personal experience that demonstrates deep understanding and attention to customers needs, as well as delivering our promises and commitments.


We are striving for professional excellence in hospitality by exceeding expectations of both customers and team members.


We encourage innovative thinking, speed and independence of thought to differentiate through creative material, product and service developments.


It’s all about people. We encourage, train and support each team member, so they contribute to the team’s success by their competence, preparation, determination, and commitment.


Our Story

Sihamco was founded in 2008 by Siham Abdulaziz Hassanain, owner of Siham International Trading Company, a leading Saudi business in the Hospitality and Food & beverage industry. When she decided to transform her passion for food and beverages into authentic fine dining experiences.
Focusing into bringing creative ideas to the local market carried by a dedicated team to accomplish goals. Our guiding philosophy is to create unique and exceptional taste to our guests.


Exclusive 10 Year Experience

Fine Dining Restaurants

Specialized in International Cuisine

Siham A. Hassanian interview with the Center for Government Communication during Jeddah Season 2019.

Zodiac Garden, Jeddah Season

Our Legacy

After years of hard work and commitment. Sihamco continues to expand and has successfully opened a series of restaurants and cafés in contemporary and refined concepts by taking care of the smallest details. At Sihamco we believe in creating a memorable experience for our guests that combines culinary excellence with outstanding services. The group restaurants now include Zodiac Cuisine, Zodiac Garden, Kooz Karak and El Lechazo. Sihamco also serves for catering special occasions and private parties.
With Siham Abdulaziz Hassanin vision for the company at the helm of the expanding leadership team and growing enterprise, Sihamco began to diversify even more with the founding of Milk & Butter Nail Spa, a luxurious spa destination for ladies.

Design Philosophy

All interior design of our brands has been created exclusively for Zodiac Group by our founder Siham Hassanain and constructed by Zivix International Holding.
She has carefully designed each brand’s concept from location and layout to furniture and decor. Our goal is to have each guest visit us and leave with a memorable experience unlike any other.--

Our Expertise

Food & Beverage
Interior Design