About Us - Siham International Trading co.


Welcome to Siham International Trading Co.

Mrs. Siham A. Hassanain is the president and founder of Siham International Trading Company.
Her vision, commitment and hands-on management style are the foundation of the company success and development.

”What defines success in hospitality industry is attention to details. For that we strive and that we deliver!”
- Siham A. Hassanain

We are an operator and investor in the hospitality industry since 2008, determined to create international Saudi brands with the highest standards.

Our Core Values

These Core Values define who we are and form our service culture:

Customer Experience:

Creating valuable & personalized experiences that demonstrates deep understanding and attention to customers’ needs.


Committed to exceeding expectations of both customers and team members.


We encourage innovative thinking, speed and independence of thought to differentiate through creative material, product & service development.


Continuously improving the quality of hospitality industry and setting new standards in Saudi Arabia for local brands to reach global heights.


It’s all about people. We encourage, train and support each team member, so they contribute to the team’s success by their competence, preparation, determination, and commitment.


Why Choose Sihamco

SihamCo specializes in creating truly unique and exceptional projects that lead Saudi Hospitality, Entertainment & F&B industry to new standards.
Keeping customer experience at heart, each of our projects is created with passion and executed with extreme attention to detail.


Fine Dining Restaurants

A to Z Hospitality Management

Customer Experience Experts

Creative Concepts & Execution

Leading Entertainment & Events Production

The Groves created a magical experience featuring a wide range of retail stores, restaurants & entertainment.

The Groves Chapter I, Riyadh Season 2021 - 22

An exceptional chapter of The Groves and unforgettable entertainment experiences.

The Groves Chapter II, Riyadh Season 2022 - 23

Following the success of Jeddah Season, ZodiaC Garden participated in Riyadh Season from 2019 - 2020.

Zodiac Garden, Riyadh Season

Siham A. Hassanian interview with the Center for Government Communication during Jeddah Season 2019.

Zodiac Garden, Jeddah Season

Our Legacy

With years of persistence, dedication and hard work, SihamCo has successfully expanded to a variety of restaurants, cafes and entertainment projects. At SihamCo, we believe in creating a memorable experience combining culinary arts with outstanding hospitality & exceptional entertainment.
SihamCo now includes: Zodiac Cuisine, Zodiac Garden, Kooz Karak, El Lechazo, GEM•IN•I, Milk and Butter Nail Spa, The Groves, LucaLand, The Polar Ice Bar, Zama Zulu, Khawaja Yanni, The Wadi, The House, The Groves Pizzeria, Birds of Eden, Al Jalsa, The Groves Market, Fashion & Passion

We have also expanded into catering for special occasions and private parties.

Design Philosophy

Brand Concept & Design holds a vital position in SihamCo.

Created exclusively by Siham A. Hassanain and constructed by ZIVIX International Holding, every restaurant’s concept is carefully constructed with great attention to details.
From locations and layout to furniture and decor, our designing has one top goal:
To create an unforgettable experience for all guests.

Our Expertise

Food & Beverage
Interior Design
Entertainment Experience