The Groves - Chapter I

The Groves is an entertainment venue that was chosen by H.E Turki Al Sheikh to be part of Riyadh Season 2021.
we are glad to be part of Riyadh Season 2021-2022. And to hold the first place among 20 initiatives.

Our Concept

A charming ambiance playing on sight, sound, taste and touch of all guests. The Groves Chapter I hosted Saudi Made fine dining restaurants, entertainment from around the world and a variety of fashion & lifestyle by thriving local & international brands.
In an outdoor/indoor environment, our The Groves was vibrant with luxe style & energy during fall, winter and spring seasons. The Groves also celebrated various national & international occasions.

Making of The Groves - Chapter I

The Groves, Riyadh - SA

Welcome to The Groves

The Groves, Riyadh - SA

The Groves - Experience

The Groves experience was truly a unique one for all its visitors. Elevating nature with magical lights, capturing the breathtaking views of The Wadi and hand-crafted luxurious fine dining, spa and shopping experience is what made The Groves stand out. The Groves also launched the first dog park that let for guests of all ages to play with different dog breeds.

Over the course of 7 months, The Groves gathered 100,508 visitors at its strategic location in Saudi DQ.

  • The Groves 2021- 2022, Participate Riyadh Season
  • Brand of: Siham International Trading Co.
  • Location Al Khuzama Park, Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh - SA
  • Speciality: Entertainment and Food & Beverages
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