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The Groves

An entertainment event that was chosen to be part of Riyadh Season 2021. We are honored to be the first initiative to be announced among 12000+ competitors.

The Groves Concept

The GROVES features a vast of retail, restaurants, and entertainment in an open-air environment (outdoor/indoor) during the fall and winter season pulsing with style and energy. We will have a monthly/daily celebration based on various international events. Monthly events ex: Halloween, Christmas eve, New Year's eve. Daily events ex: World vegan day, world sandwich day, National nachos day, and many more...

The Groves Begining

The Groves, Riyadh - SA

The Groves - Experience

You will live the first ultimate elite unique market experience. A blend of creative and technological innovation with the essence of magical storytelling and provide a new outdoor/indoor experience for the visitors where they can enjoy our expertise in entertainment and hospitality services in a luxurious experience.

  • The Groves 2021, Riyadh - SA
  • Brand of: Siham International Trading Co.
  • The Groves 2021- 2022, Participating Riyadh Season
  • Speciality: Entertainment and Food & Beverages
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