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El Lechazo

El Lechazo is a dedicated Spanish restaurant aims to serve you a unique dining experience, from restaurant ambience to the philosophy of flavor, celebrating traditional cuisines with our own added twist by creative chefs to give the clients a remarkable experience that will remain in their memory.

Innovative Idea

Our innovative kitchen teams create contemporary dishes using traditional techniques and only the finest quality ingredients. Specialty dishes contain the star meat, Lechazo lambs must weigh between five and seven kg and must be less than twenty to thirty days old. Modern service carried by a team of professionals dedicated to provide high-end services.

The making of El Lechazo Restaurant.

El Lechazo, Riyadh Season

El Lechazo - Philosophy

The lamb is roasted in a traditional wooden stove known as hornos de leña. Cooking the lamb this way will allow for an array of flavors and meat tenderness you have only dreamt of. El Lechazo is a celebration of contemporary Spanish cuisine with a fusion flair. At El Lechazo we commend tradition, quality, and culture, but most importantly we desire flavor

  • El Lechazo: 2019, Riyadh Season
  • Brand of: Zodiac Group
  • El Lechazo: 2019 - 2020, Participate in Riyadh Season
  • Speciality: Spanish Cuisine
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We Create flavor

For the first time in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, A new born concept El Lechazo Restaurant is taking place in the Riyadh City to pamper your senses with a specialty dish coming from Spanish origin.